#98 Daily dose : Read intresting books using the hooked app

Books haven’t really changed. We can read them on our phones and Kindles now, but the way they’re presented is still largely the same as it was hundreds of years ago.

Or at least it is unless you’re using Hooked. This app presents all of its stories like text message conversations, and in most cases the stories actually take the form of a text message exchange, which is a perfect fit for a phone and in a weird way can make them seem more real than just reading words on a page.
The stories are mostly short or split up into chapters, so you can consume them in bite-sized chunks, and they encompass a wide range of genres.

Quality is variable, but more are added regularly and they’re professionally written (the iOS app lets readers also write their own stories, but the Android app doesn’t yet have this feature, and in any case the amateur attempts are kept separate from the main story selection).

Other than that missing feature the only real problem is that it limits how much you can read unless you subscribe, which costs $2.99 (roughly £2.30/AU$4) per week, $7.99 (around £6.20/AU$10.70) per month or $39.99 (approximately £31.20/AU$53.50) if you subscribe for a year.

This paywall is the only thing that’s likely to stop you getting hooked, but even if you stick to the free version you never have to wait more than an hour to keep reading.