#96 Daily dose : C to Java converter online

Convert your C codes to Java codes online, with just a click



It translate C source code to Java source code. The translation is completely automatic, supports the entire C language and creates functionally equivalent Java code – ready to be executed.

  • Do you maintain legacy C code? Upgrade to Java: a modern programming language, which current university graduates are comfortable with!
  • Are you a Java developer and would like to use a library that only exists in C? Create a Java interface for the library completely automatically!
  • Do you develop C libraries? Offer them to the Java world with zero maintenance overhead!
  • Are you in the business of Java code analysis (e.g. bug finding)? Expand it to C and double your market!
  • Pointers are optimized away or translated to readable Java classes, function pointers are translated to method references.
  • Full support for unsigned types.
  • Full support for goto statements.
  • Full support for native libraries; the translated Java project seamlessly interfaces with libraries (GMP, Ncurses, X11, …) the C project used.
  • Macros are translated to Java methods or constants.
  • Comments are preserved and reformatted to Javadoc.
  • The translated code adheres to the Java design and naming conventions.