#95 Daily dose : Convert your .java to .js

JSweet is a Java to JavaScript transpiler i.e.., .java to .js code converter



With JSweet, which recently became available via open source, developers can leverage their Java skills to build Web apps in JavaScript.

The technology transpiles from Java to TypeScript and, in turn, JavaScript. TypeScript is a Microsoft-built superset that compiles to JavaScript. In building JSweet, developer Renaud Pawlak, CEO of Paris-based software engineering company Cincheo, cited a desire to help Java programmers build Web apps.

The main difficulty for JSweet is that Java programmers will have to be open-minded and break with some Java logic when programming with JSweet. For instance, on contrary to Java, in JSweet the hashCode function does not exist and interfaces do not exist at runtime — only at compile time. Programmers will have to understand that JSweet is not GWT (Google Web Toolkit) at all, because when you program with JSweet you have to think JavaScript, not Java. Also, legacy Java code cannot be used with JSweet. The Java and JavaScript APIs and semantics are too different.