#64 Daily dose : Meet Flipkart’s one day CEO

As part of its 10th-anniversary celebration “Big10,” Indian largest and most successful E-commerce startup, Flipkart has held a competition where their employees could take part and become the CEO of the company for one day.

The employees who entered the contest were required to write a statement on giving a reason as – why they wanted to lead the company from the ‘corner office’. The winner will get to be in Flipkart’s actual CEO, Kalyan Krishnamurthy’s seat and will also get to take decisions like an actual CEO takes on any regular day.
On the announcement of the contest, Kalyan Krishnamurthy said in a statement: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our talented Flipsters to get a taste of what it means to be CEO of a large, innovative company like Flipkart. We have a talented pool of people leading high-intensity teams who are helping us disrupt and innovate.”
34-year-old Padmini Pagadala was announced as the winner of the Big10 via twitter by CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy. Padmini Pagadala is an associate Director, design has been with the association almost for 4 years. She is credited with designing over 17 fulfilment centres and 20 transport centres for Flipkart.