#61 Daily dose : A.I. Experiments by Google

Making it easier for anyone to start exploring A.I.

With all the exciting A.I. stuff happening, there are lots of people eager to start tinkering with machine learning technology. A.I. Experiments is a showcase for simple experiments that let anyone play with this technology in hands-on ways, through pictures, drawings, language, music, and more.


The Technology

Some tools for coders to explore machine learning.

Cloud ML

Google’s API’s for computer vision, speech, and more. No machine learning knowledge required.
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Google’s open-source library for machine learning that lets you build deep neural networks.
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DeepMind Lab

A customizable 3D platform for agent-based AI research.
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Run Keras models (trained using TensorFlow backend) in your browser, with GPU support.
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Train neural nets entirely in your browser. No compilers, installations, or GPUs required.
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Train your computer using your actions, instead of writing lines of code.
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A set of Openframeworks apps and scripts for working with machine learning.
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