#59 Daily Dose : What type of camera is used for Google Street View?

Google originally started with fewer camera lenses and lower quality imagery, but now the Street View camera systems have 15 lenses and can produce photos at about 65 megapixel resolution.

When Street View was still in the experimental stage, the team packed several computers in the back of an SUV and placed cameras, lasers and a GPS device on the roof.

How does the Google Maps team photograph places where the Street View cars cannot fit or travel?

In addition to the fleet of Street View cars, Google employs trikes, trolleys and snowmobiles. The Trike (pictured) captures parks, trails, college campuses, stadiums and other areas that an SUV can’t access.
The Trolley, which looks like a cross between a pushcart and box-shaped robot, is used for navigating a building’s interior and doorways.
The Snowmobile captures images across snowy terrains. The team came up with the idea when Vancouver held the 2010 Winter Olympics. The Whistler Blackcomb ski resort was enthusiastic about capturing images of Whistler Mountain