#53 Daily dose : The origin of the name “Blackberry”

Research in Motion (RIM), is not known by many people as the founder company behind Blackberry.Back in 2001, RIM apparently hired a consultancy called Lexicon Branding to find a fitting title for its wireless messaging devices. Understandably, RIM had been toying with various names that included and/or played on the word “e-mail.” But after Lexicon convinced the company to consider other options—many folks subconsciously associate “e-mail” with work, therefore, lead to raised blood pressure—someone noted that the tiny keys on The team then considered a variety of seeded fruits and vegetables before ultimately deciding on “BlackBerry,” since RIM’s devices were largely colored black at the time.

There you have it; the origin of the name BlackBerry. The name blackberry was given to the RIM phones because the first phone made in this series had the keypad like the seeds of a fruit.