#21 Daily dose : What Was the First E-mail Message?

Since the 1990s, electronic mail has eclipsed snail mail and the fax to become the standard in the business world, and although social media sites are edging in on personal online messaging, e-mail still holds strong in that arena.

You may use it everyday, but how much do you know about e-mail?

What Was the First E-mail Message?

Ray Tomlinson is credited as being the first person to hit send on a network e-mail message.
Tomlinson had not been specifically tasked to develop e-mail, but he was working out some useful applications for MIT’s ARPANET project (which later evolved into the Internet). He took the time to work on e-mail “mostly because it seemed like a neat idea.”

Sent between two side-by-side computers, the first message was a small step for e-communications, but an important one. Tomlinson says he can’t remember the content of that first message but it likely read “testing 123” or “QWERTYUIOP” — the letters found on the top line of a QWERTY keyboard.

Sadly Ray Tomlinson died on 5th March 2016.