Make the SHAREIT app as your PPT slide controller

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Hello everyone,

This week we are gonna see the updated feature of SHAREIT app in your computer and phone…

So, don’t just rely on your wireless mouse for your next presentation… ‘coz, the SHAREIT app in your phone can do that for you…

But before that, download and install the latest version of SHAREIT in your PC & Phone:

Click here to go to download page

Step 1: Open shareit app on your PC and click on the marked area as shown below


Step 2: Choose ” Create your personal network” and type a password to create it (Make sure your wifi is enabled in PC)


Step 3:Connect to the CREATED NETWORK in your phone by typing the same password


Step 4: Click on the marked area as shown below… in your PC


Step 5: Now you’ll get a QR Code, just standby


Step 6: Open SHAREIT…

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