How to use two whatsapp accounts in an Android

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Glad to write a post after a long break!!
There are many people who wants to use two whatsapp accounts in an android smartphone but they don’t know how to do so!! If you are one of them, then this post is obsolutely for you!!!
There are various apps in and out of playstore to achieve this. But as an app geek I have found the most promising app to do so.

Step 1: First of all you have to download an app called Disa from playstore. I have attached the playstore link at the end of this post.

Step 2: After the app is installed open the app and click skip.


Step 3: Accept to the terms and conditions.


Step 4: Then click add service and then click on whatsapp.



Step 5: After that within few seconds, whatsapp plugin will be downloaded!


Step 6: Then click the…

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