BOXBE, your new SPAM BOX for GMAIL

Good day everyone…

Last week, I just had too much work to post in our blog…. But this week’s post will be useful to everyone (all gmail users)

We just have SPAM folder by default in our GMAIL, but most SPAM mails won’t go to the SPAM folder automatically and ends up cumulating in our PRIMARY mail section…

To avoid the frustration of SPAM mails in our PRIMARY mail box, we just need only one account in BOXBE waiting list service

Slide1 Slide2

Just create a account using your GMAIL… That’s it !!! you are now FREE from SPAM mails…

Slide4 Slide3

But in some cases, like when you are getting a MAIL from your NEW COMPANY or NEW INSTITUTION… it’ll most probably end up in the BOXBE waiting list… but don’t worry, since you can click approve domain to get further mails from them in PRIMARY section




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