How to use your android device as a keyboard and mouse for your Laptop

This is my friend’s post… I just thought this will help you guys more… have a good day everyone…


For this tutorial you will need an app called REMOTE DESKTOP. With the help of that app you can easily use your android mobile as wireless keyboard and mouse for your Laptop.

STEP 1: Download and install Remote Desktop app for your android as well as laptop.


STEP 2: Turn on WiFi in your Laptop and create wireless hotspot (without password).

STEP 3: Open the Remote Desktop app in your laptop which you have already installed.(after you open that app will minimize in your task bar so don’t worry about that)

STEP 4: Turn on WiFi in your mobile(from which you want to control your laptop) and connect to the hotspot network which you have created in your laptop.

STEP 5: Open the Remote Desktop app in your android and it will show your laptop name or IP address, just click on it.


STEP 6: Now you are connected to…

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