How to root android mobiles???

This month we are gonna all tech posts made by my friends… so here’s the 2nd post


First of all what is rooting?
    It’s simply a process by which you can get full system control of your android device.
Why to root?
    1) to completely customize your android mobile.
    2) to free up some RAM space and internal storage space by uninstalling some rarely used inbuilt apps like google music, google hangout , samsung chat on etc….
   3) to install a custom rom(unofficial OS created by varoius developers like cyanogenmod)
   4) to install some very useful root apps like greenify etc..

If you feel that you too want any of these advantages for your android then root your mobile..

Steps to root Samsung android devices:
    1) first of all back up all your data(contacts,sms and all) or simply backup your internal storage to your PC or Laptop.
    2) then you have to find the appropriate root package for your device.(search…

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