The 3 amazing emulators for your PC and ANDROID

Hello everyone,

This week we are gonna see 3 nostalgic game emulators for PC and ANDROID…

The 3 emulators are :

Desmume and Drastic for .nds games
VisualBoyAdvance and MyBoy for .gba games
Fceux and Nesoid for .nes games (video game casette)

Click here to download all the 6 emulators (~14.5MB)

NDS game on pc (Desmume ~10.3MB):

NDS game on android (Drastic ~10MB):

Screenshot_2015-12-05-08-48-09 Screenshot_2015-12-05-08-49-04

GBA game on PC (VisualBoyAdvance ~1.9MB):

GBA game on android (MyBoy ~1MB):

Screenshot_2015-12-05-08-49-41 Screenshot_2015-12-05-08-50-05

NES game on PC (Fceux ~2MB):

NES game on android (Nesoid ~320KB):

Screenshot_2015-12-05-08-50-25 Screenshot_2015-12-05-08-50-50


If you have not yet played, anyone of this emulators…

It means you have wasted your CHILDHOOD !!!