Create GIF files without any restrictions

Hello there everyone,

Recently you might have noticed the new GIF file on this site,

So I thought to give you guys a CLEAR TUTORIAL for creating GIFS, since I find no easy tutorials on the internet

So I thought to teach you guys to create GIF file with the help of GIF file created for teaching purpose

If you are experiencing LOW SPEED internet connection, read the steps below the GIF file


Step 1: Open PowerPoint

Step 2: Insert the text/image/gif files you wanted

Step 3: Choose the timings and set all the animations to start with previous

Step 4: After changing, all the timings will change to “0”

Step 5: Now save the PowerPoint as video file as shown

Step 6: After some time, the video will be created, play it to see all the animations are in correct timings

Step 7: Now open FREE STUDIO, the free software which is useful in many conversion process and you can see the benefits of this software in the previous posts of this blog

Step 8: Now go to EDITORS tab, you’ll see GIF MAKER as shown

Step 9: In the new window, select the video file you created and click the CREATE button to make the .gif file

Step 10: GREAT the gif file is created without any limitation as you can see the SIZE of it

Step 11: Drag and Drop the .gif on your web browser to see the MAGIC


Only resizing doesn’t affect GIF files,

Other operations like CROP,CONTRAST,etc..,

will affect the GIF file