Directx and .NET framework for win 8/8.1

Hello everyone,

this week we are going to see a basic but most needed software to have after changing your OS to windows 8/8.1,

The first thing is, .NET framework issue

‘coz in win 8/8.1 you’ll already have 4.5 framework but still some applications requires 2.0/3.0 framework to work on, which you have to download…

Since we discussed this issue in the previous weeks, just look into that post to download

Click here to go to that post

The second thing is, directx issue

Even after seeing the directx version 11 on your PC

(Click Winkey+R to open run command box, and then type “dxdiag” to know the directx version)

You need to be installed previous versions to enjoy gaming applications, to get previous versions just download the web-installer from Microsoft website

After downloading the installer, just run it to download the previous versions (~500MB)

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3



You have to do this 2 steps after changing your OS,

if you don’t, you’ll do it at a very bad situation