Whatsapp voice call is finally AVAILABLE but …

Hi there everyone,

Finally the official whatsapp voice calling is available, but with some restrictions…

We’ll see the step-by-step guide (this is not the blah blah steps) , how to use it

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of WHATSAPP from the official website given below




Step 2: To activate this, you have to receive a WHATSAPP voice call from other person who have that feature already ( pls see the end note for more info.)



Step 3: After receiving the call, just answer the call for 10 seconds or so

Step 4: After that restart your phone, and open the WHATSAPP you’ll see 3 new tabs CALLS,CHATS,CONTACTS

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Step 5: Congratulations!!! now you can whatsapp call anyone who has updated to latest version of whatsapp




  • If you don’t have any person having the whatsapp call feature, just send me a whatsapp message saying “I’ll need voice call feature” to my no. +91 9092123010

  • After having this feature also, there is some problems reported that you can’t hear the voice clearly through whatsapp voice call

  • Even after following the above steps, some might not get the voice call feature, if that happens wait for some days to get the feature through another whatsapp update