Ways to activate WIN 8… (activator included)


1. How to download windows update using IDM?

2.Product key for win 8?


1. Actually, there’s no way to download windows update using IDM,  windows will start the official                         downloads when the internet is connected automatically and will install when the computer is                   SWITCHED OFF (see comments for a different explanation)

2. Sir, you have a delicate problem, the product key is written in the DVD box of your WIN 8 OS, so go             and ask the SHOP  you bought your LAPTOP for the DVD BOX,

  • If they give  you the BOX enter the product key, and install it genuinely

  • If not then download this activator for installing the WIN  8 OS as genuine, it is trustworthy software & virus-free. so to download click below.

                       1. The activator I use KMS pico v9.0.5, click to download here ( download all the files in the link)
                       2. The latest version of this ACTIVATOR, first download the metafile and then load it here in the                              link http://zbigz.com/ to download it through IDM


However, I support for using ORIGINAL product key for OS, please use this activator in some delicate situations only, but in INDIA it happens more often