Wanna Send SMS freely for YOUR GROUP or CLUB???

Well it’s so frustrating,
when you want to send sms for more than 100 people in a DAY and you can’t send it for FREE!!

But the logic to send FREE SMS is given below:

Step1: Create an account in way2sms by clicking the link below

way2sms logo

create you way2sms account here


In this website you can’t send sms to DND(do not disturb domain) numbers, & limited to 30 sms/day

Step 2: Create an account in site2sms.com


create your site2sms account here


You can send 260 Characters sms as shown, but DND no. is blocked & limits 30 sms/day

Step 3: Create an account in Ultoo.com


Create your ultoo account here


You CAN send SMS to DND numbers, unlimited sms/day



the next time you wanna send SMS for your CLUB members or GROUP follow the above steps!!!