Software within US

A viewer, named SAINATH

Asked the following questions: a software engineer and hacker thinks the computer can understand  1’s and 0’s .
3.what is the bridge between software and hardware
4.programming languages useful for software and hacking

Well the ANSWERS are:

  1. Software engineer thinks to CREATE a NEW APPLICATION which is user friendly for his Company,But HACKER  don’t THINK NEW and just SIMPLY cracks/hacks a PROGRAM or in some cases steal PASSWORDS who is working for PUBLICs filled with FREE attitudes, and works for his OWN LIFE


2.Computer is designed with only one LOGIC, whether it is “TRUE” or “FALSE” which our TECH people framed as “1”  for TRUE & “0” for FALSE, every machine is BASICALLY running on this LOGIC


  1. Actually there is NO BRIDGE, softwares & hardwares are like YIN & YANG, one can’t SURVIVE without another in other words, HARDWARE is physical and SOFTWARE is virtual


4.I honestly suggest you to learn JAVA, mobile applications developing languages(since most people use internet via mobiles) , C++ & HTML. Because these 4 languages are MOSTLY used by PROGRAMMERS & HACKERS, see this link to learn ONLINE



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