How to download youtube videos in IDM

First, download JAVA environment for your computer, it’s only 28MB or so,

you can download it from the following link

Step 1:Now, after downloading, you should have a screen like this


Step 2: Close all the tabs, and restart your computer

Step 3:Now, by using “history” of browsing go to that same page, now you’ll be prompted like this


Step 4:Click “RUN” and start the verification process, you’ll get screen like this


Step 5:Now go to the YOUTUBE video you wish to download, and copy it’s “link address”


Step 6:Now go to and paster your “link address”


Step 7:Now click “RUN” when prompted and you’ll get screen like this


Step 8:Now choose the format, you wish to download, then you’ll get screen like this


Step 9:Now copy the download link and click “+URL” on IDM to download it with “RESUME” options


Instead of using “SITE GRABBER” in IDM, you can use this method to download from any STREAMING VIDEO SITES

ENJOY DOWNLOADING, also write your preview or problem if any you have